What do we do?

WTCN is a non-profit organization with a raison d’etre to assist Nigerian businesses with all aspects of international trade, promote and facilitate investment and to assist foreign businesses in being matched with suitable local counterparts. Hence WTCN aims to provide a central source of business information. Through our affiliation with the World Trade Centers Association [www.wtca.org], the largest global Trade Promotion Organization in the world, WTCN has access to the services and partnership of over 300 WTCs worldwide in nearly a hundred countries. WTCN can therefore connect globally focused local businesses, literally “with the world” and in doing so, our priority are those entities that have subscribed to our new Corporate Registration scheme. Equally, as we aim to be a one-stop shop for market access and investment facilitation, we are a key ‘port of call’ for any serious foreign business seeking to engage with Nigeria, and especially the memberships and users of our fellow WTCs across the globe. In providing services for foreign businesses beyond trade and investment information and contacts, WTCN relies on complimentary relationships with relevant local service providers as strategic partners.

The key benefits of local Corporate Registration are listed below:

  • Locally issued registration card (for the named representative of a registered firm) with access to global benefits upon presentation at other WTCs around the world (e.g. hotel discounts, business information assistance etc..)
  • Inclusion into our online Directory/Corporate Registration database
  • Immediate promotion of the interests of a duly registered firm, to the WTCA membership worldwide [which translates to an immediate access to about One Million businesses worldwide].
  • Priority access to all information (e.g. newsletters of WTCs) and business opportunities information recieved by WTCN or produced by WTCN.
  • Priority inclusion on any Trade Missions being organized by WTCN (e.g to WTCA Regional Meetings and the Annual General Assembly, and to trade fairs like Usetec-Resale in Germany, Propak and Interbuild in South Africa).
  • Priority introduction to the members of any visiting Trade Missions that WTCN might be involved in hosting (e.g. WESGRO of the Western Cape, South Africa, ICEX of Spain etc..).
  • Priority access to WTCN’s up-coming Bulletin Boards, as they are developed (e.g. business opportunities, business events especially those associated with fellow WTCs etc…).
  • Priority access to all WTCN related or organised events, such as seminars, workshops etc…
  • Priority information on up-coming Montgomery Worldwide trade exhibitions (and conferences) in Nigeria (e.g. IFSEC West Africa) and South Africa and facilitation assistance to either attend as a visitor or participate as an exhibitor.
  • Access to basic Trade Research, Counselling and Matchmaking assistance from WTCN and through WTCN’s relationship with over 300 other WTCs [NOTE: There may be third party costs depending on circumstances].

The key benefits for foreign businesses (contacting WTCN) are listed below:

  • Priority attention to all WTC membership card holders of fellow WTCs (outside Nigeria) and or recommendations and introduced businesses from fellow WTCs around the world.
  • Access to basic Trade Research, Counselling and Matchmaking assistance from WTCN [NOTE: There may be third party costs depending on circumstances]
  • Introductions by WTCN on behalf of foreign business persons seeking one-on-one meetings with credible Nigerian companies.
  • Advertising opportunities via WTCN, and other assistances, for in-coming trade missions organised by fellow WTCs.
  • Access and introductions to other local service providers (in Nigeria) that have partnered with WTCN, to provide such services as: temporay/virtual office capacity, legal consultancy, tax consultancy, clearing and forwarding (& Customs) consultancy, financial consultancy, translation and interpretation services, secretarial services etc..
  • Hotel discounts at specific partner hotels for visiting WTC members.
  • Facilitation, for foreign visitors and exhibitors, regarding Montgomery Worldwide exhibitions and conferences in Nigeria (e.g. IFSEC West Africa).
NB: All fellow WTC members have immediate access to reciprocal benefits offered by more than 300 WTC’s in nearly 100 countries around the world.

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