What is the World Trade Center of Nigeria?

The World Trade Center of Nigeria in Lagos (WTCN) is one of the few members of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) [ www.wtca.org ]) operating in Sub-Saharan Africa (noting that there are over 300 worldwide membership license holders) but in the area of trade and investment promotion is one of the most active. Joining WTCN and WTC Luanda (in Angola [www.wtcluanda.com), a new WTC Accra (Ghana) has just ‘opened for business’ at the landmark SSNIT Building, whilst a WTC license transfer has seen WTC Johannesburg [www.wtc.co.za] re-open its doors and the same group of promoters also begin operations at the new WTC Cape Town office [www.wtc.co.za]. Prior to now, North Africa has been better represented, in the WTCA with active WTCs in Algiers [www.wtcalgeria.com], Casablanca [www.wtchcy.org], Tunis [www.wtchcy.org] and Cairo [wtcci@intouch.com]. In addition there are new WTC licenses for Cape Verde and Abuja a (Churchgate Group initiative [www.churchgate.com]), and recently a number of License Options were awarded to a joint-venture consortium led by Mochron Investments Ltd and International Business Network (IBN) for various cities in East, Southern and Central Africa, including: Kinshasa, Dar Es Salaam, Gaborone and Windhoek.
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What do we do?

WTCN is a non-profit organization with a raison d’etre to assist Nigerian businesses with all aspects of international trade, promote and facilitate investment and to assist foreign businesses in being matched with suitable local counterparts. Hence WTCN aims to provide a central source of business information. Through our affiliation with the World Trade Centers Association [www.wtca.org], the largest global Trade Promotion Organization in the world, WTCN has access to the services and partnership of over 300 WTCs worldwide in nearly a hundred countries. WTCN can therefore connect globally focused local businesses, literally “with the world” and in doing so, our priority are those entities that have subscribed to our new Corporate Registration scheme. Equally, as we aim to be a one-stop shop for market access and investment facilitation, we are a key ‘port of call’ for any serious foreign business seeking to engage with Nigeria, and especially the memberships and users of our fellow WTCs across the globe. In providing services for foreign businesses beyond trade and investment information and contacts, WTCN relies on complimentary relationships with relevant local service providers as strategic partners.
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